The Top 3 Handyman Service in New York

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Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

The city of New York is a part of probably one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world with a population of almost 24 million. Nearly all these people are potential customers for handyman companies. Every now and then, everyone will find a leaking pipe in the bathroom or a loose power socket or buy a piece of furniture too stubborn to be assembled without certain skills. That’s the time to call the New York City finest handyman who will repair, install, replace, and move everything you need with a smile on his or her face and at a very reasonable price. An ideal helper who is competent, punctual, attentive and whose services are quite affordable – a handyman who will come to succor in any situation. Well, unfortunately, the realistic picture is not that bright.

As in any business, the vast opportunities not always breed the best performers. Same applies to the handyman services in New York City. Just type in the corresponding keywords in Google search and you will spot hundreds, if not thousands of handyman repair services, all of which try to assure that they are the “rockstars of the business”, the “most reliable handyman nearby”, and the “best handyman services” around.

So, how could one find a good handyman whose work quality comes close to the bravado that we see in the commercials? One way would be to do your own research (which will consume a lot of time) or put your trust in the customer feedback (we all know that most of it is fake). You might certainly get lucky and find the New York’s handyman services of your dream, but there is a huge possibility that your trials would end up in tons of wasted money and time.

The other way would be to use the handyman services platform which will help you find not only the most appropriate NYC handyman company that will be able to take care of everything from plumbing and painting to kitchen remodeling and home improvement. Moreover, the platforms that we are about to present to you feature the information about similar companies from all over the US. You will be able to find handyman services in Rochester, Los Angeles, Houston, Utah, Miami – virtually every city in the country and beyond.

Here are the top 3 handyman services for the best home maintenance and home improvement in New York.

# 1 HomeAdvisor

This is one of the oldest platforms that bring together homeowners and handyman companies from all over the States. It was founded in 1998 by Rodney Rice and Michael Beaudoin who wanted to establish a trusted home improvement marketplace. What sets HomeAdvisor apart from many other similar platforms is that all home service companies that apply for registration must undergo a rigorous prescreening as well as the detailed check of their financial background. It means that hiring a handyman through HomeAdvisor, you get the guarantee that their financial and criminal records are absolutely clean.

Moreover, HomeAdvisor demands that the handyman and other home maintenance pay a certain fee for the right to post their ads on the platform and to apply for the jobs posted by the homeowners.

The platform currently utilizes the Instant Booking technology that provides homeowners with an opportunity to arrange for appointments with handyman companies that are conducted online instead of over the phone like it was before.

Another HomeAdvisor’s perk is called the Same Day Service. Thanks to this option, you will be able to get your doors replaced, your drywall repaired, your furniture assembled or your apartment cleaned on the same day you book the handyman service. The platform has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes posting the projects and searching for handyman companies exceptionally easy.

# 2 TaskRabbit

Another online marketplace that will help you establish a hassle-free connection with a trusted handyman company that operates in your location. TaskRabbit was founded in 2008 by Leah Busque who is also occupied as the general partner at FUEL Capital. The primary purpose of this platform is to outsource all kinds of home improvement jobs to the so-called Taskers – small companies and individuals who are located in your neighborhood.

Similar to the previous platform, all Taskers on TaskRabbit have to go through a background and identity check to prove that the declared information matches their work experience and financial history.

What’s great about TaskRabbit is that all jobs get a $1 million property damage insurance. So, if you are a homeowner looking for help from the handyman professionals, you can sign up with TaskRabbit, describe the job that has to be done, place the request and then just wait until the system matches you with the available handymen. You can hire the workers and pay for their services directly through the platform. Here is the general list of works that can be done via TaskRabbit:

  • Mounting and installation of electric appliances;
  • Minor construction works;
  • Furniture assembly;
  • Cleaning of residential and commercial areas;
  • Carpentry;
  • Interior and exterior painting and renovation.

#3 Porch

Porch is the youngest platform on our list but it differs advantageously from the other two platforms on our list.

First of all, it has arguably the widest range of home improvement works that can be outsourced through their website. You will be able to find a team of specialists in any niche from window replacement to the installation of fancy electrical equipment or even complicated construction works. Getting matched with the available handyman on Porch is as easy as on any other platform.

Secondly, Porch has its own blog where they share valuable information and tips on home improvement and hiring. They also publish cost guidelines which are quite useful for the newbie users.

In 2018, Porch was added to the Facebook Marketplace which made this platform even more convenient for homeowners from all over the US.