Top 10 Handyman Jobs of 2019

All handyman servicesThe range of services provided by professional handymen is growing year after year. It seems that soon there would be handymen for IT projects and political campaigns. However, there are certain services that are always in demand.

Here is the list of top 10 handyman jobs for this year.

#1 Assembling furniture

Everyone who has ever bought a new piece of furniture knows that assembling it could be much harder than one may think. A single missing or misplaced screw can turn a seemingly easy task into a complete disaster. So, instead of staring blankly or angrily at the manual, trying to figure of “what goes where”, you should contact the handyman service and ask to send someone with the experience of dealing with “naughty” furniture over to your house. With MrHandyman, the process of assembly, moving and fitting of the furniture of any size will be quick and hassle-free.

#2 Unclogging and clearing out the drain

If you discovered that your drain is clogged, you can always try and clean it with a plunger. However, if all your efforts to unclog the stubborn drain pipe were to no avail, then perhaps it’s the time to call a handyman. Due to the fact that the employers at handyman services, like MrHandyman, have special chemicals and equipment, which can’t always be found in the nearest household store, your drain pipes will be clear of any dirt in the time required for the chemical compounds to dissolve the clog and for a handyman to clean out the remnants of the choking.

#3 Installing or dismantling the windows

Windows are the most important part of a house, apart from the roof and the walls. They provide proper lighting for the interior, protect from dirt, heat, cold, and burglars. The windows are basically the filters that don’t let anything unwanted get inside the house. That’s why it is of utter importance to have them properly installed, maintained, and dismantled, in case you are planning to change the windows. Therefore, you should entrust this job only to the professional handymen or contractors who have the necessary experience and tools to deal with any such tasks. Remember, properly installed windows will save you a fortune on the heating bills.

#4 Plumbing

Damaged water pipes and faucets can be not only irritating – you are probably familiar with the sound of dripping water that can drive anyone crazy at nighttime – but also quite dangerous. A leaking pipe can burst at any moment and you will be forced to find a handyman or a plumbing contractor not only for yourself but also for your neighbors. But if the worst had already happened and you need help from the local plumbing service – MrHandyman will always lend you a helping hand. Apart from the repair and installation of faucets, sinks, and toilets, we can easily deal with small leaks, replace a sump pump, and insulate the water pipes.

#5 Painting jobs

Putting on a new coat of paint could be the best solution if you want to do a facelift to the interior or the exterior of your house. In either case, you could use some help from the professional handyman who has hundreds of painting jobs under his belt. We can assure you that the employees at MrHandyman will get the job done quicker and better than any other handyman service near you! From the first paintbrush to the final coat and the post-painting cleanup – we do everything with great attention to detail and meticulousness. A good handyman knows how to use paint to revitalize and invigorate the faded walls or the deck. The services provided by most handyman companies range from door painting, crown molding, furniture repainting to deck painting and finishing.

#6 Installation and repairment of flooring

Good flooring is definitely one of the most crucial elements of your house’s interior. It needs to be absolutely flat, properly aligned and absent of any cracks, air bubbles or other irregularities. However, if you moved into a newly bought house and found out that the flooring is far from being perfect, that is still not the reason to get overly upset. Just look for the handyman service near you and get a quote from them. For instance, MrHandyman offers the best prices on various flooring services done by our trusted professionals. Judging from many years of working experience, that includes virtually thousands of square meters of installed and repaired flooring, it is possible to tell that this job is as complicated as it is satisfying, if done right. A trustworthy handyman company will offer installation and repairs of all types of flooring: laminate, wood, tile, stone, cork, engineered wood, and carpeting.

#7 Bathroom decorating, tiling, and remodeling

Which place in the house does your family members visit most frequently? In most cases, it is the bathroom. However, it is also the room that has to be constantly maintained due to high humidity that could cause corrosion, fungus, and malfunction of some electrical bathroom appliances. You may not always have time, knowledge, and skills to fix everything that breaks down or becomes unusable. That’s when you would need professional help from a competent handyman or a contractor. They will be able to offer you the following services:

  • Mending of small leaks and general plumbing works;
  • Replacement and repair of shower doors;
  • Installation and repair of flush toilets;
  • Replacement of cracked or otherwise damaged tiles;
  • Installation and replacement of bathroom mirrors;
  • Remodeling and renovation of the entire bathroom.

All these jobs, except for the renovation, usually take no longer than a couple of hours. So, you will be able to get back to using the bathroom on the same day that you have discovered the problem.

#8 Electrical wiring and other electrical services

Since electricity is one of the most important resources for us, even a minor problem with electric wiring or electricity supply can cause a lot of stress for the homeowner. Moreover, some issues, like loose wall switches, can bear a potential threat to the residents of the house, especially small children. Many of you would agree that a broken ceiling fan in the middle of a scorching hot summer can turn your life into a nightmare.

If you noticed even the slightest problem with the electrical wiring or appliances in your house, don’t hesitate to call an experienced handyman or an electrical contractor (in case there is a problem of a bigger proportion, like if the electric circuit had been “fried”), who will efficiently perform the following tasks:

  • Repairment of loose sockets and wall switches;
  • Installation and repairment of a ceiling fan;
  • Checking of the circuit wiring;
  • Installation of motion detectors and dimmers;
  • Repair and installation of light fixtures.

Please remember that you shouldn’t be reluctant about any problems with electricity in your house. If you aren’t sure that you will be able to fix it properly, don’t try your luck. Better call a handyman to resolve these issues.

#9 Cleaning of residential and commercial properties

Imagine a situation where a janitor, who usually cleans up your office, came down with flu and there’s no one who could step in for him. If you are a manager, you would ask your employees to clean up their workplaces, right? The labor union wouldn’t appreciate such an initiative for sure. The most logical solution in that situation would be to hire a team of professional handymen who will do all the work at a reasonable price.

Or you could be a real estate agent who is arranging for an open house but found out that the entire property is an absolute mess. Then it’s a task for handymen. Just give these professionals a few hours, and they will turn even the most cluttered house into a shining example of cleanness. All parts of the house: the living room, the bedrooms, the bathroom, the basement, and the common areas will be left spotless after they finish the job.

#10 Kitchen repairs and renovation

If you have a big family, then the kitchen is certainly one of the busiest places in the house. Something is always being boiled, fried or washed in that room. It also means that there is always something that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Even if you consider yourself a jack-of-all-trades who is capable of fixing everything around the house, you may not always have enough time to deal with everything. That is why it would be better to always have the contact information of the local handyman company that provides the following services:

  • Install, repair, and readjust the cabinetry;
  • Create a backsplash;
  • Fix or replace the leaking faucets;
  • Crown molding works
  • Installing or repairing lighting fixtures.