What’s a Handyman and How to Find One?

How to find the best handyman near you

find a handyman
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You have probably heard the following saying that everything your husband has fixed requires repairing. As hilarious as it is, there is no reason to diminish the modern day husband for not being able to resolve some household issues. All he needs is to know the telephone number of a local handyman who will come and do the job properly thus saving the husband’s time. Here is a small tip on finding a good handyman: go to Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor and type “handyman service near me” in the search bar. You will be provided with suggestions regarding the most popular companies and nearby handymen that provide affordable handyman services.

What handymen are and what do they do

In the nutshell, a handyman is a person that conducts different repair and maintenance jobs around the house that can’t be done properly by the homeowners. In the past, it was a very male-oriented job, thus the title handy “men”, but nowadays there are many women who have also entered this profession.

The handyman services became increasingly popular in the last couple of decades due to the fact that people in the developed countries, especially the urban population in the United States, have to devote more time to work. There was simply no time left for them to take proper care of the house and gain insight into all household chores.

The handymen became real saviors for husbands who don’t have a knack for repairing things and want to avoid being constantly nagged by their wives.

However, finding a reliable handyman can be difficult at times, especially in the big cities where the competition in this particular industry is incredibly intense. And the range of services provided by handymen could be incredibly broad. Here is the list of the most popular of handyman services:

  • Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical repairs
  • Window repair
  • Swimming pool maintenance and more.


This is a very concise list of the services that handymen can provide for both businesses and households. These people can repair, clean, and install everything you need, as long as this activity doesn’t require specific licensing.

Handyman vs Contractor

That takes us to the point where we would need to explain the difference between a handyman and a contractor. But first, let’s define the term “contractor”.

A contractor is a person who holds a license that allows him to carry out certain construction and repair works. In some states, the customer won’t be able to hire a handyman to do a job that’s worth more than $500. In that case, he would have to use the services of a contractor. In other cases, the choice between these two professional would have to be made on the basis of the size and the scope of the house repair project at hand.

A handyman is better suited for one-time jobs that don’t involve any construction activities and could be done within the span of a couple of days. The contractor, on the other hand, would be more appropriate for works that require the assembly of a team of experts and proper management to ensure the efficiency and the quality of final results.

In general, a handyman’s help would be required to carry our small and rather uncomplicated jobs:

  • Unclogging pipes
  • Painting the walls
  • Installing the air conditioner

At the same time, the contractor’s assistance would be needed when there is a necessity to deal with large projects that require specific knowledge and skills:

  • Constructing and decorating an extra room
  • Erecting a deck
  • Replacing the wiring around the house.

Handyman price range

If you think about hiring a nearby handyman, be prepared that each of them will charge a different price for a certain type of job since there are very few jobs that can be done at the same rate. A handyman can charge either by an hour or he can set a flat rate for a given job. The average hourly price ranges from $30 to $77, depending on the complexity and the estimated time required to finish the job. According to statistics, the average price for handyman’s services in the United States is $310, given that a job won’t take more than five hours.